24 Aug 2013

Healthy Living

Why is it so hard to get motivated to work out and eating healty-ish most of the time? That`s something I`ve been thinking about a lot lately. Not that I have ever believed in dieting or depriving oneself, but when getting older the pounds just seem to stick a bit harder than before and that`s kind of annoying :P.
The feeling after going for a run or just a walk and seeing results should be motivation enough, but somehow that never seems to be work (at least in my case ;)). So here are some ideas that will hopefully/maybe help:

- Get a workout partner; it`s harder to skip that run or walk when you already have a date set with   someone

- Have a good playlist on your Ipod etc.; music really is a powerbooster, especially when running

- No diets, they never work!

- Cooking your own meals with fresh ingredients (as opposed to frozen or other processed food); trying out new recipes

- More fruits and vegetables

What other ideas do you guys have out there?? :)


  1. I read somewhere about an 80% rule when it comes to eating. That is, if you eat healthy most of the time, 20% of the time you can treat yourself. For example, I try to eat healthy food at home, and avoid buying chocolate or candy to keep in the house. However, if I go out to dinner with a friend or to a party, I eat what I want. I think it's a pretty good rule. :) Although there are some slip-ups, especially during the weekends... :D

  2. Also, I go for long walks and talk with someone on the phone while walking. It makes the time go a lot faster!

  3. That 80% rule is really good ;)! That`s actually quite realistic :) good tips, thank u!!