6 Apr 2014

Body Thoughts

Being healthy(ish) and taking care of your body is a daily, conscious decision. Especially after turning a quarter of a century (and even that is a couple of years behind ;-)) it`s just not an option anymore to slack in that department. Doesn`t mean that I would do it right or even live by that. I know it in principle, yes, but my actions speak a different story sometimes. Since last Christmas I have tried to make some realistic changes, but as in everything in life, nothing`s black and white...it`s all an effin grey zone..;)

So here are some things that have worked so far:

- going mostly gluten-free (I´d say 80%): even though I tested negative in the allergy test, I can feel a whole new level of well-being: less bloating, better digestion, almost no stomach problems anymore. This is a pretty tough one to keep, though (hello pastriesssss and cakes and whatnot ;)), so a realistic approach for me is about 80% of the time. No gluten at home, but when eating out or at friends not so strict.

- eating whole/"clean"/ real food: potatoes, avocado, fruits, home-made bread, eggs...the list goes on and on. Meat, too..chicken or a yummy steak. The idea is to avoid processed food at ALL costs!

- less sugar...this seems like an obvious one, but it`s not easy :P

- treats and eating out and eating with friends etc.. This one is so important; to enjoy tasty food and restaurant meals every once in a while..no deprivation !!

- dance-workouts at home, walks with friends and exercise (exercise is the hardest part for me personally...I really need someone to kick my ass).

Any thoughts or input :)?

4 Jan 2014

Lipstick Love

Lipsticks are the best! I`m obsessed with bright colors (especially MAC).  Here are my two favorite colors right now and one that is on my wish-list :-).

MAC Impassioned 

This is such a fun and bright pink for daily use, and is perfect if your are looking for something thats not too red or pink. But it is a bold color, nevertheless :-)!.


Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Shocking Coral

This is a nice pink-hued coraltone, which is really flattering (sometimes too coral-ly tones can be unflattering on lighter complexion, at least in my case). A bit drying unfortunately, but when you put lipbalm under it, it`s ok.



MAC Retro Matte Relentlessly Red

So excited to try this out next, it`s a matte pink-hued red. I don`t know about you guys, but somehow I like a matt finish on lips even more than a glossy one. I may or may not have ordered this from Ebay yesterday... (Btw Ebay is soooooo dangerous!).

So any other lipstick lovers out there ???

18 Nov 2013


I am trying to grow out my brows right now, so here are some inspirational pics :).


On a side note, how gorgeous is Lily Collins?! Seriously, totally girlcrushing on her ..

Anyone else out there trying to grow out their brows?

18 Sep 2013

Music Love

I can`t believe this song has been made. I am officially in love with music again.

17 Sep 2013

Just for Fun

I don`t really have anything specific to write right now, but here are some picures that pretty much sum up my thoughts at the moment :).