12 Jun 2014

Some Favorites In June

I can`t believe it`s june already, time really flies theses days...!

So here are some favorites right now that I am using: 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation 


I am still a bit on the fence about this, but it really is working better than my previous foundation-routine, which broke me out horribly and was just absolutely the wrong color and so uncomfortable. I have reallyreally crazy and sensitive skin, so most foundations don`t work on me (especially since they usually have chemical SPF in them). The color range in NARS is really amazing (nice yellow-toned hues), and the coverage is really good. It also doesn`t contain SPF which is probably the most important factor. On the downside it feels a bit drying throughout the day and kind of settles into the pores by the end, but I am determined to make it work anyway :)!

Summer Scents

Victoria`s Secret Lemon Escape EdT


This stuff smells like summer; it`s a mix of lemon and coconut and really refreshing, yet not too sweet. I spray it on constantly because it just smells too delicious (like something you would want to eat ;)).

 The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower EdT


If you are into oriental and warm scents, this is for you. Somehow it still works for summer, because it is not too heavy. It smells creamy and vanilla-y, yet the vanilla is not too overwhelming.

This song is perfect for summer:

27 Apr 2014

April Favourites

Benefit They`re Real - Mascara


Seriously guys, this stuff is the BEST. It makes your lashes long and thick and just perfect, there is really no other mascara that works wonders like this. I used to have really big problems with removing this (and lost many lashes in that process), but now I am using the Micellaire Water from Garnier (here) and it works really good in removing this particular mascara!

Kardashian Beauty Touch Tones Gradient Shadow in Echo







I was never a big user of eye shadows in my life before, but since I got this, I can not go without it! Especially the rose-tones are so flattering, and the quality/ lasting power of these are really good. Honestly, get this if you can. I got mine here.




6 Apr 2014

Body Thoughts

Being healthy(ish) and taking care of your body is a daily, conscious decision. Especially after turning a quarter of a century (and even that is a couple of years behind ;-)) it`s just not an option anymore to slack in that department. Doesn`t mean that I would do it right or even live by that. I know it in principle, yes, but my actions speak a different story sometimes. Since last Christmas I have tried to make some realistic changes, but as in everything in life, nothing`s black and white...it`s all an effin grey zone..;)

So here are some things that have worked so far:

- going mostly gluten-free (I´d say 80%): even though I tested negative in the allergy test, I can feel a whole new level of well-being: less bloating, better digestion, almost no stomach problems anymore. This is a pretty tough one to keep, though (hello pastriesssss and cakes and whatnot ;)), so a realistic approach for me is about 80% of the time. No gluten at home, but when eating out or at friends not so strict.

- eating whole/"clean"/ real food: potatoes, avocado, fruits, home-made bread, eggs...the list goes on and on. Meat, too..chicken or a yummy steak. The idea is to avoid processed food at ALL costs!

- less sugar...this seems like an obvious one, but it`s not easy :P

- treats and eating out and eating with friends etc.. This one is so important; to enjoy tasty food and restaurant meals every once in a while..no deprivation !!

- dance-workouts at home, walks with friends and exercise (exercise is the hardest part for me personally...I really need someone to kick my ass).

Any thoughts or input :)?

4 Jan 2014

Lipstick Love

Lipsticks are the best! I`m obsessed with bright colors (especially MAC).  Here are my two favorite colors right now and one that is on my wish-list :-).

MAC Impassioned 

This is such a fun and bright pink for daily use, and is perfect if your are looking for something thats not too red or pink. But it is a bold color, nevertheless :-)!.


Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Shocking Coral

This is a nice pink-hued coraltone, which is really flattering (sometimes too coral-ly tones can be unflattering on lighter complexion, at least in my case). A bit drying unfortunately, but when you put lipbalm under it, it`s ok.



MAC Retro Matte Relentlessly Red

So excited to try this out next, it`s a matte pink-hued red. I don`t know about you guys, but somehow I like a matt finish on lips even more than a glossy one. I may or may not have ordered this from Ebay yesterday... (Btw Ebay is soooooo dangerous!).

So any other lipstick lovers out there ???

18 Nov 2013


I am trying to grow out my brows right now, so here are some inspirational pics :).


On a side note, how gorgeous is Lily Collins?! Seriously, totally girlcrushing on her ..

Anyone else out there trying to grow out their brows?